Applying Quantize in GarageBand

Learning by ear

This article can be read by ear. The theme of this issue is “Quantize.

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Before using quantize

Thanks for reading my article today.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of MIDI input with timing deviations?

Today, I would like to introduce a special function for those of you who have such a problem.

Let’s take a look at the functions.

What is quantization?

I think everyone feels that quantization is ‘how humans cannot get the rhythm exactly right.

Even professionals are more or less out of tune.

Pianos and other instruments played on MIDI keyboards will inevitably have slight misalignments.

This is where quantize comes in. By quantizing, you can align the notes exactly to the measure. This is very convenient.

How to quantize

Let’s see how to do it.

First, let’s try MIDI input on the keyboard, and after MIDI input is complete, check the region.

There is a slight misalignment, which we will correct by quantizing.

This MIDI note is out of place. (at the arrow)

Select the part to which you want to apply quantize. If you want to apply it to all of them, press “Command” + A on the keyboard to select all of them.

Press TIME QUANTIZE and set the timing to your preference. This should be set to where you think it should be.

From this list, we select and quantize the notes that match the music. In this case, we quantized the notes at 1/16th note.

Yes. It’s clean. It’s easy.

You can also apply quantize more quickly by using shortcut keys.

The shortcut key is “Q” on the keyboard to apply quantize.

To quantize only selected pitches

When using a MIDI sound source such as a drum set, there are times when you want to correct a snare misalignment. In such cases, select only the snare and apply quantize.

It is very easy to do, and you can select a horizontal row of notes by pressing the keyboard keys from the piano roll. Then, by applying quantize, you can fix the misalignment of the snare only.

Quantize Summary

This quantizing, however, can go where you don’t intend when quantizing notes that are quite a bit out of alignment, so please plan your use accordingly.

Music feels good when it is aligned, but too much alignment can make it sound mechanical.

So, quantize is a useful feature, but I think you should think about how you use it and put it into practice.

See you soon.

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