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Creating a new project

First, launch Garageband.

Once launched, you will see a screen like this: Select an empty new project and press Select.

Press the “Advanced” button to enable advanced settings.

What is a Project?

When working in GarageBand, you begin by creating a new project or opening another existing project.

A project is a collection of documents that contains all the recorded data, the location of any media files you have added, and any changes you have made so far.

Each project has a set of information such as tempo, beat, key, etc. GarageBand allows you to change this information at any time.

Advanced Settings

We will set up the project details.

Let’s take a look.


Sets the tempo of the project. The tempo of the project can be changed even after the project is launched, so if you have not decided on a tempo in advance, you can leave it at 120.

The tempo is a unit that expresses the number of times the tempo is struck at equal intervals per minute.

If the tempo is 60 times per minute, the tempo is 60 = BPM is 60.

If a hand is played 120 times per minute at equal intervals, the tempo (BPM) is 120.

tap tempo

The tap tempo can be set by pressing the button with a constant sense of ‘pop, pop, pop, pop’ on this button.

This is used when the approximate tempo is fixed.


Change the key of the song.

The word “key” is familiar to karaoke singers, who may lower or raise the key of a song when it is difficult to sing at karaoke.

A song has a “key,” and the “key” (key) is the main key that supports the song. It is the central note of the piece.

At this stage, you just need to keep in mind that there are two types of keys, major and minor, and you should just remember that major keys are those that sound cheerful and minor keys are those that sound sad.


Input and Output Devices allows you to set up your audio interface, Mac speakers, etc.

By setting up your own devices, you will be able to put sound out and in from them.

Open an existing project

You can open a project that you have previously created.

When you are all set, press the “Select” button.

The setup is now complete and ready for recording.

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Select the track type

When you start the project, you will be taken to a screen where you can select the type of track.

Here, you will now select the instrument you want to record, and it is visually easy to understand because it is divided by color.

Green = software sound source

The software sound source will be the track type used when using an external MIDI sound source or playing on a MIDI keyboard.

The data handled will be MIDI data.

Blue = Audio

Blue audio will be the track type used to record voice, guitar, etc. using an audio interface or USB cable.

The data handled will be audio waveform data.

Yellow = Drummer

The yellow Drummer track is a track type that can use the Drummer function included with GarageBand.

Only Drummer data is handled.

Let’s create a project.

Now, let’s try out the audio track.

First, select Audio and press Create.

It can read audio files such as WAV and MP3 files.

It can also read blue audio material such as Apple Loops, etc., so please use it.

When you exit Garageband, you will be asked if you want to save the file. Next time you open the saved file, you will be able to continue editing.

To open a GarageBand file in Logic Pro

Logic Pro, a higher version of GarageBand, can also open projects composed in GarageBand.

To open a GarageBand project, right-click on the project and select “Logic Pro” from “Open in this application” to open the project in Logic Pro.

Summary of how to create a new GarageBand project

Today we have seen how to create a new project in GarageBand.

When working with projects, you have to be careful not to move saved files! That is to say, don’t move the saved file. The reason for this is that, as with any software, if you move a file, the computer will lose track of it.

Then the file you’ve been editing your work on won’t be there! It will be something like that.

So, please be very careful when saving files.

See you soon.

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