Start a lesson in the GarageBand Lesson Store

Before starting a lesson in GarageBand

With GarageBand, you can learn the basics of guitar and piano.

There are also “Artist Lesson” and other programs that lecture you on how to play famous songs using artists’ sound sources.

You can start by learning how to play the basics with GarageBand, and then get interested in the instrument.

Here, we will explain how to do the lessons.

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How to download lessons

When you open GarageBand, at first there is only one lesson.

If you want to proceed with a lesson, you will need to download it.

Go into the Guitar, Piano, or Artist Lesson section and download the lesson.

This time, I will download Guitar Lesson.

Guitar Lesson gently explains how to hold down the guitar, so even beginners can easily take lessons.

Moreover, all lessons are free.

Rather than paying $80/month for guitar lessons, it is much cheaper and more efficient to take lessons on GarageBand.

Choose guitar lessons.

Guitar lessons include 8 basic guitar lessons, 5 rock guitar lessons, and 7 blues guitar lessons.

This alone is enough to make the lessons rich in content, and the fact that you can even learn blues is very appealing.

I’ll take the 8 basic guitar lessons right away.

When you open the Guitar (Basic) 8 lesson, the screen changes to the one shown above.

The preview allows you to try out what lessons are available.

If you choose “Download All” below that, everything here will start downloading at once.

If you don’t feel like downloading one by one, you can download them all at once from here.

If you prefer to download one by one and enjoy it slowly, you can download them by clicking “Download” next to the lesson, and you can take each lesson one by one.

When the unloading starts, the bar will start moving. If you can download it to the end, you are ready to take the lesson.

Now, please proceed with the lesson with motivation and perseverance.

Guitar Lesson

Guitar lessons begin with guitar (basics).

You can learn introductory lessons from simple chord pressing exercises to valley chords and blues leads.

In rock guitar, you can learn how to play power chords, palm mutes, and arpeggios.

If you want to play rock guitar, you can learn it here.

The last guitar lesson will be blues.

You can learn techniques such as hammering, plucking, and slide guitar, as well as scales, so challenge yourself when you have time.

Piano Lesson

Piano lessons teach not only how to play the piano, but also basic posture and how it should be played.

The best way to start is to learn the basics and get to know the piano.

With this piano (basics), you will learn not only how to hold the piano, but also rhythm, accents, scales, and more.

If you are a DTM or want to compose music in GarageBand, it will most likely be this pop piano.

Here, you can learn how to play pop piano and incorporate it into your own compositions.

You can also learn how to arrange melodies.

Classical piano is a great way to practice and learn famous songs.

You are being taught in a music class, but you can’t give your best because of the teacher’s eyes! No need to worry about the teacher’s eyes on you.

With GarageBand, you can practice at your own pace and time. And you can practice for free.

GarageBand offers a variety of lessons like this.

I want to play an instrument, but I don’t know how! If you want to play an instrument but don’t know how to play it, please give it a try.

Artist Lesson

In the artist lesson, a famous artist will give you a lesson.

They use their own music as the subject of the lesson, so if you are interested, it might be a good idea to take a lesson from a famous artist.

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Starting a Lesson in the GarageBand Lesson Store Summary

GarageBand offers a variety of free lessons.

If you can play the guitar or piano, it helps a lot in creating songs and singing while playing as a hobby.

It also keeps your mind from getting bogged down.

When you are stuck in composing music in GarageBand, you may come up with new ideas through these lessons.

Please take a GarageBand lesson once and improve your skills.

Our own “Tim” will teach you.

See you soon.

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