GarageBand What to do when there is no sound


When you touch GarageBand, the most important thing to remember is “Where do I get the sound from?

First-time users may be panicked and wonder if the software is broken. and you may wonder if the software is broken.

If you have a guitar or audio interface connected, you may also wonder if your equipment is broken. I

However, the reason why there is no sound is most likely due to a wrong setting or operation.

In this issue, we will explain what to check when there is no sound and how to make settings.

Check where to check when there is no sound.

Let’s take a look at the first thing to check when there is no sound.

The first is what to do if the audio interface is not connected.

Is the Mac set up correctly?

Please check if the settings on the Mac itself are correct.

Select “System Preferences” from the apple symbol on the screen.

Select “Sound”.

In it, change the “Output” and “Input”.

Output” selects how to output sound externally.

If nothing is connected, such as an audio interface, you can select the Mac’s speakers, which will allow you to hear sound from the Mac itself.

Input can be used to input voice or audio signals to the Mac main unit.

Please set this according to your application.

Note that if this selection is set to something that is not connected, GarageBand or the Mac may not produce sound.

Is the Mac volume muted?

If the Mac volume is muted, of course no sound will be heard.

Please review your Mac’s volume and unmute it if it is muted.

GarageBand Preferences

Next, we will check the GarageBand preferences.

From GarageBand on the screen, select Preferences.

Select “Audio/MIDI” in it and check the output device and input device respectively.

As before, make sure they are Mac speakers and Mac microphone.

The output device is where you decide where the sound will come from.

The input device determines where the sound will be input.

In this case, the setting is to input sound from the Mac and output sound from the Mac.

Is the volume on the audio interface turned up?

Make sure the volume on the audio interface is turned up.

The volume of an audio interface can be adjusted either by adjusting the volume on the machine side or by turning up the volume on the driver side (computer side).

Check to see if the GAIN is turned up or the output is turned up.

In GarageBand, is the volume of the effect turned up?

When inserting an effect in GarageBand, make sure the volume of the effect is not zero.

If a plug-in is plugged in and the volume of that plug-in is turned down, there will be no sound at all.

Take a peek at the plug-in effect and make sure the volume is not at zero.

Is the truck automation down?

When track automation is set to the lowest setting, the volume is set to zero and no sound is produced.

Check to make sure that automation is not being applied to the tracks and that the master track automation is set to the proper level.

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When you are using automation and there is no sound

I’m running automation, but automation isn’t working?

Is GarageBand broken? You may think, “Yes, but let’s calm down a bit.

The reason automation is not working is because the automation button is not pressed.

Press the Automation button to get the automation to work.

If this does not solve the problem, there may be other factors, but try first.

Things to check when GarageBand sound does not come out. Summary

When using GarageBand, you will come across a situation where sound does not come out at least once.

When that happens, don’t be in a hurry, but practice the items described in this article one by one.

You will surely be able to get sound to come out.

Sometimes, sound may not come out due to a malfunction of the audio interface, earphone jack, etc., but such a phenomenon is rare, so check the above items.

See you soon.

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