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What is a noise gate?

Noise Gate is a plug-in effect that suppresses unwanted noise heard when audio signal levels are low.

It removes hum (a low buzzing sound) and background noise (unwanted signals entering the line or circuit).

GarageBand’s noise gate is very simple.

It allows sounds above a set value to pass through and shuts down signals below that value. This prevents the annoying buzzing sound you hear when you plug your guitar into an amp.

How to use Noise Gate

Noise gate is a plug-in effect that comes standard with GarageBand. Third-party noise gates (plug-ins from other companies) have more functions and can do more than GarageBand, but the standard noise gate should be sufficient for your needs.

First, please familiarize yourself with the noise gate that comes with GarageBand to acquire basic skills.

To open it, select “Dynamics” → “Noise Gate” and set the plug-in.

This will remove unwanted hum from guitar and bass tracks.

Now let’s check each parameter of the noise gate.

On/Off Function

When applying the noise gate, the button is lit blue when turned on. When turned off, it turns gray to stop the effect.

channel strip

In the channel strip, a template can be selected and used. Open this default down arrow to open the settings.

Plug-ins such as GarageBand have templates in the channel strip.

Checking those settings can give you some ideas for mixing, so please take advantage of them and see how you can use them for your own skills.

In the channel strip, there is a section called Details, where you can save and load your own noise gate settings.


A threshold value is determined and sounds above that value are allowed to pass through.

Imaginatively, sounds above the value set at -50 dB will sound, while sounds below that value will be suppressed.

This section introduces recommended plug-ins for use with GarageBand, a lineup that is very useful for settings that are difficult to make using GarageBand alone, or for beginners to quickly create professional-grade sounds just by using them.

For more information, please check our plug-in recommendations for use with GarageBand.

Summary of Noise Gate

By using a noise gate, you can easily remove unwanted signals such as hum noise from guitars and basses, shielding, and so on.

Noise is fine if it is targeted, but noise that is unnoticeable when recording can be a nuisance.

It is important to try to avoid noise when recording as much as possible.

Use noise gates and noise reduction plug-ins to improve the quality of your music.

See you soon.

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